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This year we are mixing it up with our 10 week '10 Strong' program with ONE main focus, Nutrition. 

The 10 strong program is designed to create confidence, habits and routine with your Nutrition.


Your goals may be weight loss, weight management, to increase muscle, to be educated on how to correctly fuel your body and make it maintainable. Your goal might also be a mix of a few.

Be confident that this program will give you the tools and direction to work towards those Nutrition goals in 2022!



3x 60min Nutrition workshops available face-to-face or as a recording.

10 Strong workbook with all the resources you'll need to succeed in 10 Strong!

workshop one

Thursday August 4th

​Program Goals;

Set up your goal for the program and set a clear path with how this is going to look over the next 5-10 weeks with support and direction from Kelsey Tobin.

Nutrition foundations;

With the Support of the '10 Strong' Workbook, you'll make sure you understand the basic Nutrition Foundations.


 You will feel motivated and empowered to make educated decisions when it comes to your nutrition.  

workshop two

Tuesday August 30th

Energy availability;

From weeks 1-5 you've learnt to put the basic Nutrition foundations into place. Now it's time to extend on that and actually make sure you've got the right Nutrition around your life commitments in and outside the gym.

Mindful Eating;

In this session we will look into the term 'Mindful Eating' and discover different strategies to work around this.

workshop three

october 4th

Pre/Post training Nutrition;

The basics are starting to become very familiar.

Now its time to look at:

- What food do I eat when I train and at what times?

- Do I have enough energy 

 through the day?

- How can food support the recovery process of my training session?

Goal setting and future direction;

We want you to be able to celebrate and recognise what went well for you in the program. We would also like to give you the motivation to keep heading in the right direction in creating a sustainable nutrition plan.

How do i successfully complete the program?

Rise and shine Membership + 10 STRONG NUTRITION BLITZ

To get the most out of the program we believe you need to attend all THREE NUTRITION WORKSHOPS (online or face-to-face) AND match that with an AVERAGE OF TWO WORKOUTS a week (either face-to-face or online).

To track the two workouts a week, we will have a large 10 STRONG SESSION ACCOUNTABILITY board in the gym. There will be a start line at week one and a finish line at week ten. All 10 Strong participants will be listed on the board and will mark off their two sessions a week until they reach week 10. Sessions can be made up if you were away with illness. The idea of the 10 strong accountability board isn't a race to the finish line. It is a visual board so that all 10 strong members can keep each other accountable for their two sessions. For this reason you'll only mark of a max of 2 sessions a week.

The idea of the two sessions is so that it's achievable for all members either online or face-to-face BUT based on your training goals you'll be able to discuss your goals with your accountability coach to see what session and how many sessions you'll ideally attend to head towards those desired goals!




If you aren't currently a Rise and Shine member select a Rise and Shine Training option for your two session a week.


Sign up for the 10 Strong Nutrition blitz.



If you are currently a Rise and Shine member or if you are going to sign up as a RNS member.



The non-member option is for those who don't wish to train with Rise and Shine Fitness.


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