Welcome to Rise and Shine's Pre and Post Natal Program.


This Program is aimed at Women who are either pregnant, or returning to exercise after having a baby.   If you have any health issues that you are concerned about, please check with your Doctor before commencing the program.


The series of videos is broken into 4 stages;

  1. Pre-Natal Trimester 1,
  2. Pre-Natal Trimester 2,
  3. Pre-Natal Trimester 3, and
  4. Post Natal. 


There are 12 videos in each stage, which are on-demand, and can be viewed at any time. 


The program will begin with a short information video from Afton who will explain a little about pelvic floor breathing, and returning to exercise safely after having a baby.


This program is aimed to make it eaiser for Mum's who may feel more comfortable restarting their exercise journey from their living room while the baby sleeps. It is programmed specifically for each stage of pregnancy and beyond. 


Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions. 

Have fun : )

Pre and Post Natal Program