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Is 10 Strong for you??

Motivation and accountability was the key to the success of '10 Strong' in 2020 and we are ready to deliver this tried and test program in 2021.


In 2021 we are bringing more structure to inspire you to take control of your..


If you are lacking motivation or accountability in any of these three areas then we can guarantee this program will serve you for not only the 10 weeks but it will also provide you with the resources and knowledge to take control of your health for years to come!!


Nutrition Beyond Weight loss with Amanda Mannes

Amanda's mission is to help you understand your own body and how food affects you with a non-judgemental and practical focus.


During her 4 Tuesday evening workshops, Amanda will Provide the right resources, education and support to teach you how to make sustainable health change and improvements with the primary focus of each session being 'Nutrition beyond weight loss'.  


Amanda herself has inflammatory bowel disease and Ankylosing spondylitis, which are both managed through diet. Amanda also holds postgraduate certificates in evidence-based complementary therapies and sports nutrition.


Well-Being with Emma Krause

Do you:

  • Feel like you can't switch off? 

  • Wish to be more present with your kids, partner or friends? 

  • Feel like you are constantly rushing or too busy? 

  • Desire to slow down and relax more? 

  • Wish you knew some simple strategies to become calmer?

  • Want to stop reaching for that extra caffeine or chocolate hit? 

  • Want to be able to manage your emotions more effectively? 

  • Desire to have a more loving and positive relationship with your body? 

  • Feel like your mind is always 'on' 

  • Have aches and pains in your body or tight muscles?

The weekly 'Wednesday wellness' sessions with Emma are your permission slip to unwind, release tension and recharge your batteries.


In Emma's Three Tuesday night workshops she will teach the value and science behind why slowing down and becoming more mindful will not only reduce stress but also overhaul your health and your life.


She will take you through mindful movement sessions that deeply relax, nourish and restore your physical and mental health. Recovering and restoring correctly will see your training and fitness reach new levels!

Emma will teach you practical wellness strategies that you can easily implement into your day to enhance overall wellbeing and care for your mental health. 

Emma is passionate about helping people switch off from the fast pace of modern life and enjoy a more peaceful way of living. She is a strong supporter of women's wellbeing and guiding women of all ages to breathe more deeply, relax more fully and prioritise their self-care. 

Get ready to let go of your day, melt away stress and release tension with Emma's wellness sessions. (78).jpg

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What were your greatest achievements from 10 Strong 2020?



I was so reluctant to join another gym as I'd just wasted money paying a membership to a gym that I never attended and I was afraid I would do this again.

I am so happy I joined.

From this challenge, I now know how to make better decisions! I feel fitter. I feel healthier. I feel stronger. I am happy!


I gained confidence within myself each week & continued to step out of my comfort zone. The last few weeks of the challenge I was doing 5-6 push ups on my toes, crazy moves in suspension, double bell & upping my weights. To top it off I lost 12kg & 49.5cm overall...super stocked!!


Being more mindful of snacking, getting more sleep & drinking more water.

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