Our bootcamp involves a mix of interval training, cardio and functional strength in a welcoming atmosphere.

Training is varied and includes body weight exercises, and the use of different types of equipment. No two days are ever the same!

Check out our mindbody app for session times.



Kick-start your morning with our boxing sessions, get the heart rate up and feel the muscles burn in a friendly and supportive environment. Check out our Mindbody booking app for session times.

Wraps $15 + Gloves $60

(We have gloves available for trial sessions)



This full body workout engages each and every muscle group of the body. Using functional movement patterns these sessions are designed to maintain/gain muscle. All will enjoy these sessions, from the beginner, to the seasoned athlete!


Group running

All running members will gain access to our programs with our experienced running Coach Sarah Kay, from Dare to Train. These programs consist of 3 runs per week with a variety of different training methods to make sure you improve each and every week. Programs are accessed on our training peaks app. Members can join the group on Tuesday and Thursdays at 6am OR complete runs in their own time. 

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Red Zone Boxing

One of our most popular sessions on the timetable!! All you need is a pair of boxing wraps and gloves (you can borrow them if you would like to try the class).


You'll be boxing solo for the entire session. Mixing it up between the trainers pads, boxing bags, shields and shadow boxing. This session won't disappoint!


Mums Foundations

If you're a mother of children of any age, pregnant or a new mum and you're looking at exercising or returning safely then this is the session for you. We will have exercise options to make sure you can progress through your fitness journey.


Our programs take into consideration the 5 most common contraindications in mothers;

  1. Weak Pelvic Floor

  2. Abdominal Separation

  3. Pelvic pain, Hip or Sciatic pain

  4. Wrist pain/ Carpel Tunnel

  5. Knee pain

  • 9.30am class (50min) Monday- Friday

  • 45min1-to-1 foundation session 

  • FREE Creche

  • Progressions and Regressions provided within class (customized for you)

Babies are welcome to join you in the class or you'll also have the option to use the creche. This class is on the timetable at 9.30am- 10.20am Monday- Friday. 



We strive to ‘Empower Everyday Women’ and this is our opportunity to empower the stay at home mums, the single mums, the mothers who’s partners work away and the mums who are keen make their own health a priority 

If this sounds like a good fit for you and the kids, then join our 9.30am or 10.30am sessions Monday - Friday.

To ensure we comply with Covid restrictions;

  • Mothers must book their children in on Mindbody.

  • If your child is unwell they must stay home.

  • Toys will be washed down after each session.

  • The Crèche will be open for drop off 15 min before class

  • We will bring the children out to the main floor once you’ve wiped your equipment down post recovery set. This is to prevent mothers crowding to pick up their children.

  • No food or Drink allowed