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Training options

Strong Zone

Full body strength workout

The Strong zone are full strength workouts with 3 workouts across the week. These workouts will be known as workout A, B and C. Classes will be capped so that there is a max of 2 people sharing.

Each workout will have 2 main lifts followed by a full body strength component. 


  • Monday- Workout A (Back Squat + Bench press)

  • Tuesday- Workout A

  • Wednesday- Workout B (Deadlift + Pull up)

  • Thursday- Workout B

  • Friday- Workout C (Hip Thrusts + single leg variation)

Workouts will be programmed over a 12 week block.

If your looking at improving your over all strength, improve posture or build lean muscle, then this is where you need to be in 2023!!

Sweat Zone

It's time to get that heart rate up

If you just love getting that heartrate up then your going to love this zone.

You'll be coached throughout the session to work through the ideal heartrate zones while jumping on and off our cardio machines (Bike, Rower, Ski, Box, Ropes) and mixing it up with our functional training equipment (Dumbbells, TRX, Deadballs, Sandbags and Kettlebells).


  • Monday- Cardio Kings + Queens (HIIT)

  • Tuesday- Run Club

  • Wednesday- Partner boxing

  • Thursday- AMRAP

  • Friday- Circuit

Strength and conditioning

Both zones in one workout

Our Strength and Conditioning sessions are a combination of both zones. Perfect for those who want to tone up, drop body fat and also make sure they are looking after their body for years to come.

These sessions run at 9.30am on Monday- Friday (creche available)  and 6.30pm Monday- Thursday.

The session is broken up as follows;

  • 10mins Strength

  • 10mins Strength and Conditioning

  • 12mins conditioning


The best part is you'll be in a group atmosphere with a coach helping you make the most out of each and every workout.

The coach will also change things up depending on your fitness level or previous injuries. ​​ ​

Female only classes

It's time to get that heart rate up

Fit over 50​​

These workouts include a purpose built strength program specific to the needs of Women through their perimenopause, menopause and post menopause years. 


  • 6.45am - 7.30am Tuesday

  • 6.45am- 7.15am Thursdays

  • 6.45am- 7.15am Friday

Daily 9.30am Class​​

This class with the creche option is a female only class. 
Select 'book a class' to view the class schedule.​



We want to give every household the opportunity to access a sustainable fitness routine and we understand that at times life outside of the gym can take priority. 

This is why we offer a creche to help take away that barrier and give you more access to our empowering group fitness environment. 


Our 9.30am class offers a staffed creche Monday - Friday.


Spots are limited and booking on MINDBODY.


The creche is also available outside creche staffed hours. Any child that enters the facility must be in the enclosed creche area for health and safety reasons.

Older children can chill in the lounge area or play the Nintendo Switch.

Younger Children can play with the toys provided. 

Creche rules;​

  • Children MUST be booked in on MINDBODY.

  • If your child is unwell they must stay home.

  • The Crèche will be open for drop off 7 mins before class

  • If your child is unable to stay in the creche area then unfortunately we won't be able to have them in the facility outside the creche area.

  • No food or drink allowed

Want to discuss our training options?

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