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Launching Feb 1, 2022



We've raised the bar in the way you train in a 24/7 facility to give you the structure you need to succeed. 

What we do different;

  • 12 week programs are programmed into our training app.

  • You'll have access to a 1-1 session with head coach, Afton Palmer so go through your goals and the program.

  • You'll be given a check-in day each week with your accountability coach Afton. On this day Afton will check through your profile on the app and check to see completed sessions, offer feedback on movements (if you choose to film your form).

The best part of the 24/7 programming is that it will line up with our face to face training if it's available to you, you can do a mix of both and you won't be doubling up on the main muscle groups/ movement patterns for that day.

Be the first to know when we launch our 24/7 memberships by joining our waitlist below.

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