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Frequently asked Questions 


When does the new facility open?

Our first session in the brand new facility will be Saturday January 28th.

When can the males start training?

We will continue to operate as a female only facility until January 28th when we open the doors to our brand new facility.

Are there any female only classes in 2023?

Yes. Our fit over 50 class and our 9.30am class will remain female only.


Can I use 24/7 access when there is a class on?

No. When classes are on you’ll have access to the group fitness class. When there is no timetabled class you’ll be able to complete the Strong/Sweat workout or a workout of your own. 


Can men use the gym in female only class time?

No. From 6.45am- 7.30 on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (Fit over 50) and 9.30am-10.30am Monday- Friday the gym will be female only. Men will be made aware of this when they sign up.


Will there be a membership option for 24hr only (without classes)?

No. Our most affordable membership will be $42. Our main service will be Group Fitness and 24hr access is another benefit of being a Rise and Shine Fitness member. We won’t function as your typical commercial gym. Our 24hr access is to provide you with the opportunity to get an extra session in if you’re unable to make a timetabled session and to give people the option to fit a workout in when they can only get to 2 timetabled sessions and would like 3 workouts a week.


What will the timetable look like?

The same class times (5am, 6am, 9.30am and 4pm) with two class options, Strong OR Sweat.

Everyone will warm up together and then you’ll split into your booked in session, complete the workout and then everyone will cool down together. Consider this a positive for your social catch ups and getting to participate in your favorite session.


What will a Strong workout look like? 

These will be full strength workouts. Very similar to our current Semi private programming. Classes will be capped so that there is a max of 2 people sharing.


Monday- Workout A (Back Squat + Bench press)

Tuesday- Workout A

Wednesday- Workout B (Deadlift + Pull up)

Thursday- Workout B

Friday- Workout C (Hip Thrusts + single leg variation)


What will a Sweat workout look like? 

Think of your current Tuesday (conditioning), Thursday and Friday sessions on the main floor and also Redzone. 


Monday- Conditioning

Tuesday- Conditioning

Wednesday- Redzone

Thursday- Conditioning

Friday- Conditioning


Will there be Semi private sessions?

Yes. We will release the timetable to our current semi private members to have first pick. Then we will open it up to all of our current members. These sessions will be the STRONG workouts and will have a max of 6 people to one trainer. Ideal for people who want to know who is in their class, don’t want to share equipment, have injuries or are brand new to the gym and have no idea how to do any form of gym exercises.


What do Fit over 50 workouts look like? 

A social club!! Haha


Our fit over fit classes have a 20-25 min strength workout. Some of our Fit over 50 ladies have worked up to using barbells and lift weights like many women across the gym. On Tuesdays this session goes for an extra 15 mins for a conditioning set. These classes run on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 6.45am.


Is anyone else nervous about the blokes joining in? 

Absolutely! I would love for you to think back to your first session as a Rise and Shiner. This was a HUGE step for many outside their comfort zone. Many of you thought that everyone would be looking at the newbie and you would stand out. I think you will agree, it's the complete opposite. 


If we are pushing you out of your comfort zone then just grit your teeth and ‘trust the process’. If you’re enjoying the workouts at the moment then you’ll continue too.


What kind of blokes are you thinking will join? 

  • The male version of our current members.

  • Those who are nervous to walk through the doors of a gym or who have tried to ‘get fit’ every single year but just need a plan to follow, a group to train with and someone to keep them accountable. 

  • Men that want to join a gym so that they are fit and healthy for their family. 

It’s not the typical gym bloke you think of when you walk into a gym, flexing their muscles and taking selfies because that isn’t what we are about. 


When will you launch male memberships and when will they start training?

We will launch memberships on December 10th for pre-sale. We will continue operating as a female only facility until we move into our new facility in Jan 2023.


When are we moving out of our current facility?

We are moving out of our current facility on December 4th and moving all cardio equipment, sandbags, kettlebell and Dumbells into the old chemist next to the newsagency. We will run all class times as bootcamp workouts in this building until our new facility is ready in January 28th.


A creche will operate in a large room at the back of this building.


Will we stop training over Christmas?

Only on the public holidays. 

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